The rapper’s unfiltered thoughts have always been a source of controversy and has been making a lot of headlines recently. It all started when Kanye made antisemitic comments that led to his suspension from social media platforms Instagram and Twitter. He tried to apologize in an interview with Piers Morgan, but he hasn’t fully taken responsibility for his actions. Even die-hard fans have to admit that Kanye’s public comments about his children are problematic. In 2020, during his presidential campaign, he revealed that his wife Kim Kardashian had considered an abortion before giving birth to their daughter North West.

Yeezy’s back in the headlines and this time it’s all about real estate! Kanye West purchased a property in LA prior to his divorce from Kim Kardashian. Before the divorce with Kim K, this crib was the HQ for Kanye’s Sunday Service and the Donda Academy!

But since their divorce last November, the property has been collecting dust. And now, recent pics have hit social media showing the house in a total state of disrepair.

The main gate and guest house, which were once fortified by imposing walls, now stand exposed. Recent photographs have surfaced, revealing a wire fence that encircles the property and piles of garbage that litter the surroundings. It seems as though the structures were deliberately dismantled, leaving the property in a state of neglect.


The once pristine white fabric draping the walls has been left to weather and fade with time, and a closer look at the property reveals a 4×4 tank stationed near one of the openings, as well as a barbeque smoker. The debris from what was once the hub of the Donda Academy can also be seen strewn about the property, lending a sad air of abandonment to what was once a lively and vibrant space.

Despite its initial purpose of bringing West closer to his loved ones, sources now indicate that his ex-wife Kim Kardashian plans to demolish the house for renovations. It remains to be seen what the outcome will be, but fans and followers of the famous couple can stay tuned to Thirsty For News for further updates and developments.

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