Elon Musk is always at the forefront of thoughts when any individuals consider business strategies. Musk appears to have brought up his new strategic plan, nevertheless, in order to make money. Elon Musk is now charging companies $1,000 per month for gold checkmarks.

The free verification on Twitter is going away, and this also applies to corporate accounts, which will now have to spend a significant sum of money to maintain their verified status. According to a recent report from The Information, Elon Musk and co., are introducing a new payment plan option for brands and corporations who want to maintain their gold checkmark, which was previously free if they were notable or significant.

Matt Navarra, a separate reporter, seems to confirm Twitter’s intentions, which include charging business accounts $1,000 per month to stay verified. A $50 monthly fee will be added for any affiliate accounts under the larger corporate account.

The initiative is known as Verified for Organizations, and it appears that businesses are already being contacted in order to join early. They’ll forfeit their gold check and appear like any other Twitter user who isn’t verified if they don’t pay up. The exact day when this takes effect is unknown.


It doesn’t appear that this new subscription plan applies to media firms, who run the risk of phony accounts appearing and impersonating them, spreading false information. On the contrary, it appears that this is targeted more at traditional businesses like Target, Bank of America, etc. that are solely involved in making a profit by selling things and services.

Additionally, it appears to be a scheme to make quick money, which Twitter allegedly needs right now given the growing number of lawsuits it is facing from all sides and the continued staffing difficulties. Of all, this is merely Elon’s most recent scheme to make money. Additionally, he continues to make every effort to persuade people to join up for Twitter Blue, which costs $8 per month and gives virtually no one a blue checkmark, for whatever that’s worth.

Public authorities now have grey checkmarks, while a ton of old legacy accounts like journalists and other notable figures continue to rock their blue checkmarks (apparently for free). What’s your take on Musk’s new step? Let us know in the comments. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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