John Cena doesn’t get much time to make his way to WWE, but it is always a big deal when he can appear. That being said, WrestleMania is coming up on April 1st and 2nd, and Big Match John is rumored to be involved with the event.

Austin Theory has been throwing shade at John Cena for a while now. Fans previously compared their physique many times, and Theory has also started a few promos with Cena’s trademarked “The Champ Is Here,” lines. Obviously, fans have paid attention to those hints.

John Cena is currently filming a movie with Zac Efron in Australia. He won’t be able to make any build for WrestleMania. That being said, it was noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that things might still happen for John Cena and Austin Theory at WrestleMania.

For WrestleMania, the locked in matches at this point are Reigns vs. Rhodes for the Universal title, Charlotte Flair vs. Ripley for the Smackdown women’s title, Belair vs. the Chamber winner for the Raw women’s title, John Cena vs. Austin Theory (no word on whether this will or won’t be a U.S. title match)

It was noted that John Cena filmed a backstage angle with Austin Theory that has not aired yet. Cena laid that footage down while he was back the last time, but only time will tell how long it will be for him to return.

Cena would not be able to appear on television much to build up the match with Theory. They shot an angle on 12/30 in Tampa backstage that has yet to air. Cena is currently in Melbourne, Australia filming the movie “Ricky Stanicky,” a movie that Amazon Prime has bought the rights to, with Zac Efron. He will be there all of February and most of March.

WWE wants to hold the biggest WrestleMania they can this year. Triple H has a big excuse, because it will be his first show of shows under his booking. WWE also wants to look strong, because Vince McMahon is still positioning the company for a sale.

Only time will tell what happens in the future, but John Cena might just make his way back to WWE once again this year. Don’t expect him to be around much for the WrestleMania build, but if Austin Theory is Cena’s opponent, then All Day Theory will undoubtably put as much heat on the feud as he can.

What’s your take on John Cena’s WrestleMania plan? Sound off in the comments!

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