WWE made a tough call when they fired Mandy Rose. They gave her a warning in the past, but she continued posting near-nude photos on her premium content service. Then those “near-nudes” started to leave nothing to the imagination. This caused Shawn Michaels to make a call that their NXT Women’s Champion needed to drop her title early and move on. That being said, Mandy Rose doesn’t understand why she couldn’t have both.

Mandy Rose hasn’t been a stranger to the public eye since her WWE release. Her management made it very clear that she raked in over $1 million by the time Christmas rolled around.

While speaking with New York Post, Mandy Rose questioned why she could not run her FanTime page and continue to wrestle in WWE. It seems that she still hasn’t grasped WWE’s family-friend morality clause that she signed in her contract.

“I am grateful and very humbled with everything I’ve done and made at the company [WWE], but in today’s day and age, there are so many other avenues and so many other marketing opportunities. It’s like, why can’t I do both? At the end of the day, I’m the only one watching out for myself and my career. Everyone’s replaceable in our business – it’s true.”


Mandy Rose went on to question the very idea of what is too racy. She compared an official WWE photo shoot to one that she did behind her premium content paywall.

“What’s the definition of racy? The photo of me with two titles – I was completely naked underneath, that’s considered a racy photo, right?”

Mandy Rose seems happy outside WWE, but she has to wonder why she wasn’t allowed to have her cake and eat it too. Only time will tell if Mandy Rose makes a WWE return, or whether WWE will finally be okay with their talent putting NSFW content behind a paywall, but it seems that the two entities will exist apart from each other for the time being.

What’s your take on Mandy Rose’s WWE release? Sound off in the comments!

Aaron Varble

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