Cosmetic surgery has become a very common thing among celebrities. Starting with Michael Jackson and continuing with the Kardashians, celebrities now frequently undergo cosmetic surgery. Similarly, Cardi B is the latest celebrity to follow the path of many renowned celebrities and she has recently explained why she wants to do it.

Cardi B appeared on the Jason Lee Podcast on Monday where she talked about getting cosmetic surgery. She claimed that the choice was not made because she felt insecure about her own body.

Lee began by inquiring as to Cardi’s reasoning for having surgery. While doing so, he remembered hearing about the subject at Kris Jenner’s home. “Cause I remember the time we were at Kris’ [Jenner] house and Kim gave you a list of people you could call and get help. You didn’t call none of those people, you just did it at home?” he asked. To which Cardi replied, “no, I called a couple of people that she gave me.” Cardi responded that she had always wanted to “do certain things” when asked when she realized she wanted to do that.

“People be assuming that when you do surgery or something, your insecure about yourself, or you hate yourself. And that’s just not the truth. I just be feeling like, if I want to correct something, I want to do a little something, something, I don’t give a f*ck. I’m going to do it.”


Cardi B frequently expresses her desire for plastic surgery and she recently blasted on social media about having biopolymers fillers removed. Cardi has also expressed her wish for a tummy tuck and acknowledged getting breast implants.

In other parts of the interview, Cardi spoke on a variety of topics, including her battles with anxiety, Quavo’s “Messy” track with Takeoff, and much more. To get the latest updates regarding Cardi B, stay tuned to Thirsty For News.

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