The Undertaker was regarded as a locker room leader during his time with the company. He is no longer with the company as an active Superstar, but memories of his time on the road will live on forever.

Justin Credible has been working hard to turn his life around for a long, and it appears like he is progressing well. Recently, the former WWE star recalled how The Undertaker gave him a humorous lesson about how to act right while on the road.

Justin Credible competed for WWE from 1994 to 1997 and again from 2001 to 2003 before making a brief comeback in 2006. There is a reason why he kept getting chances, because he had friends in high places on the roster. When the eight-time Hardcore Champion struck up a conversation with a woman on a night out in his early days with the organization, other wrestlers took notice. The reason they paid attention was because that woman was already spoken for.

Justin Credible revealed that Lex Luger had a crush on the same woman on the Cheap Heat Productions podcast. After learning that he had “took her” from Luger, The Undertaker and Yokozuna made him take shots the following day, and they had a lot of drinking to do.


“I took a girl that Lex Luger was courting. I kinda snuck in and took her. Young babyface at the time, so I don’t know how I did that. The next day, ‘Taker and Yokozuna – God rest his soul, I loved Rodney [Yokozuna’s real name] – were sitting at the bar and they had a huge serving tray of Jack Daniel’s. There had to be 40 shots in there, and he [Undertaker] made me sit there and drink all of them with him.” 

The Undertaker was universally recognized as a locker room leader by his co-workers. The Wrestler’s Court simulated trial, which was developed to address issues behind the scenes, was overseen by the Deadman. It should be noted, Justin Credible has no issues with The Undertaker’s strategy for handling on-stage conflict. In fact, Taker had to warn Credible a few times.

“I’ve had a couple of instances, but it was always done in fun, and it usually was Mark telling you, ‘You kinda pissed the locker room off. We like you, dial it back so you don’t get into any more trouble. Don’t become a d**k.’ That’s what that was.” 

Wrestler’s Court has been the subject of several tales over the years. Among the current WWE stars who have been called to the fictitious courtroom are Edge, The Miz, and Randy Orton. This out-of-court judgement from The Undertaker at that bar was certainly an interesting story to hear. You can check out Justin Credible’s interview below.

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