Dewayne Dedmon is an NBA veteran but he had a terrible season. He presently plays less than 12 minutes per game and averages less than 6 points and 4 rebounds. He is, nevertheless, a senior player on whom the squad relies for support and solid play. Dedmon recently landed in hot waters after throwing a massage gun on the court.

Dewayne Dedmon has been dissatisfied with both his teammates and his head coach at times. Erik Spoelstra may be one of the best coaches in the NBA, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t irritate some players. That’s exactly what happened on Tuesday night.

During a huddle against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Dedmon exchanged words with Coach Spo. Dedmon was evidently displeased with the exchange, and he proceeded to throw a massage gun on the court. As a result of his gesture, he was evicted.

Overall, it was a startling moment because the athletes had no idea what was going on. The referees were displeased, and they made it known. Spoelstra was dissatisfied with the move, adding, “We’re all a bunch of gnarly personalities … That part was unacceptable.”

Despite Dedmon’s outburst, Jimmy Butler led the Heat to a 112-11 victory. It was a nail-biter, with the Heat setting an NBA record. They shot 40-40 from the free-throw line, which is ridiculous. Butler’s final score was 23-23, allowing his team to win. Despite having a rough year, the Heat are finding ways to win games. You can watch the videos below.

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