Damar Hamlin has been going through the toughest time in his life. The Buffalo Bills safety suffered a terrifying medical emergency against the Cincinnati Bengals. Hamlin was recently discharged from the hospital.

The Buffalo Bills star fainted following a hit on Tee Higgins and required CPR for nine minutes. Hamlin was then brought to the hospital and given a breathing tube. He was also placed into a coma.

Damar Hamlin was eventually able to regain full lung function and even retain neurological function. Overall, his experience has been both inspiring and horrifying. While his career is uncertain, fans are relieved that he is still alive.

Damar Hamlin was granted permission to depart Cincinnati earlier this week. He returned to Buffalo right away, but he had to return to the hospital. Hamlin has been undergoing examinations at Buffalo General Medical Center over the last two days. Today, though, he received some exciting news.

According to the Buffalo Bills, Hamlin has been released from the hospital. After a long week, he will finally be able to return home and recover. According to the results of the star’s testing, he appears to be in good health.

Overall, this is very amazing news. Hamlin will now be able to support his teammates as the Bills face the Miami Dolphins in the Wild Card round this weekend. Keep an eye on Thirsty for more and check out the tweet below.

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