Farrah Abraham’s boyfriend’s Derek Underwood died in a car crash back in 2008. The accident took place one month before the birth of their 13-year-old daughter, Sophia. Farrah recently opened up about her traumatic loss.

Farrah wrote a lengthy post on her blog and on Instagram about her recovery after Underwood’s untimely death. Abraham wanted the word to spread so that those who were in pain may find comfort. She also mentioned that she will never bring up Underwood’s death again in the future.

I never thought this day would come, After one of the best days of my life, I wanted to share from my healed heart after 14 years of not being able to process a traumatic loss I felt accountability (after sharing my loss and I didn’t know how to heal) publicly during a time on tv, online, in my book and over the years – a very big difference over 14 years of loss. I finally got the peace, healing and inner alignment I always dreamt of on my traumatic loss and like many who say to me “I will always miss __ like you miss Derek. “ This is for you. I want you to know I found my 12 steps, (My 5th step was eye opening on processing relationships) I stopped the overwhelm, self-doubt, perfectionism as well reaching outward (new relationships, drinking, drugs, sex, over working, making no time for me)I connected with the old lies I came into agreement with over a decade ago and I now came into “agreement”with my current truth, peace and inner alignment of my new “agreements” to myself presently. In the past with my overwhelm, self-doubt & perfectionism this was hard to attain. I found my will, my way, my love, my light- my alignment, my receiving that only I could do the work in silence,in peace & quite (28 days no outside world). I wish “Derek” could have gone to a 12 step trauma center with me, but I got the opportunity like you can. I think all children should be taught 12 step trauma healing, for all the trauma our world offers- that we’ve lived through. I’ve had chronic depression, anxiety, for way too long and it is healed -it is done. To be present and spiritually lifted by all I’ve been blessed with is what I rise to in this abundant 2023 ahead of all pure joy. I share this because I wish I knew 14 years ago how to heal myself so I share this blessing to so many who have traumatically lost a loved one as I wouldn’t want trauma chasing you down the rest of your life, (it’s been exhausting) yet I want you to receive your inner alignment, piece of heaven on earth, and all you wish to attain. Happy 2023 May you enjoy all the healing, freedom, self love, self compassion, alignment and abundance that is going to overflow #happynewyear #2023

Abraham returns to Missouri to visit Underwood’s grave with her daughter. They usually catch up with Underwood’s father as well. On Teen Mom, Abraham referred to Underwood as Daddy Derek” when speaking to Sophia about her father. Stormie Clark, Underwood’s mother, objected to MTV filming at the graveyard in 2010.


It’s often difficult to move on after the death of a loved one. However, the fact that Farrah is attempting to heal herself gives a clear message that life goes on. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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