Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s drama-filled relationship garnered a lot of media attention and it was highly publicized. The couple reportedly broke up in 2013 due to issues caused by Lamar’s addiction problems. However, Lamar recently admitted that his behavior while dating the model was much more “crazy” than the fans are generally aware of.

The format NBA player recently appeared in an interview with PEOPLE, where he talked about his cheating scandal and how he’s really embarrassed about it. Odom admitted that he’d sneak behind Khloe’s back and do drugs with random women.

“Behind the scenes, I put her through s—. Like, s— that y’all don’t know. The s— y’all know, what y’all think y’all know, it’s crazy. But the stories that y’all don’t know is, like, really crazy.

I’d have these random women coming out. Some of them all came out at one time. I’m, like, laughing out of embarrassment right now. Like, how you thought you was going to get away with that one?”

Odom has expressed regret for how he treated her and how he handled their relationship, multiple times since their breakup. In 2022, Odom expressed his constant faith that one day they will rekindle their romance. Stay tuned to Thirsty to get the latest updates regarding the celebrities.

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