Westside Gunn has consistently made waves in the music industry by collaborating with a wide range of personalities. Fans were eager to see more of his work, but it appears that the run is coming to an end. Westside Gunn just announced that he would be retiring at the end of 2023.

Westside Gunn has announced that 2023 will be the final year in which he will release original music, citing several professional achievements as justification for his early retirement. The co-founder of Griselda Records announced the news via a series of tweets on Friday, December 30. He listed a number of his former partners and the accomplishments he’s made since establishing his label in 2012.

“23’ def my last year doing this sh*t. I don’t have nothing else 2prove, I put my team on, I put my city on, I worked w/everybody I ever wanted to work with, plus MFs still don’t even understand 1-10, FLYGOD, Awesome GOD, or Pray for Paris(mind u Virgil did the cover) im the [goat emoji] [shrug emoji].”

Subsequently, a series of tweets was followed praising the legendary Hip Hop artists he had collaborated with throughout his career, starting with securing deals for Griselda with JAY-Z at Roc Nation and Eminem’s Shady Records. He paid tribute to his fallen brothers MF DOOM, Prodigy, DMX, Sean Price, and Combat Jack while listing the rappers and producers he had worked with.

Gunn mentioned having worked with DJ Premier, Pete Rock, and RZA as well as receiving guest verses from Slick Rick in two different tweets that detailed his list of incredible collaborations. The rapper also mentioned that his appearance on Mary J. Blige’s most recent studio album, Good Morning Gorgeous, earned him a Grammy nomination for 2023.

“My music played at Fashion Shows in Paris, Japan, countless Tattoos, Countless murals. I’ve never taken longer than 10-14days to make ANY project.. not 1x a year either multiple albums a year and I elevated every single time.”

Westside Gunn acknowledged that some of his fans might expect him to change his mind, as he has in the past. However, Gunn added that his early retirement was motivated as much by the hardships he had to endure in the music business as by the success he had achieved.

“I know I say I’m a retire all the time so ppl might be like he always say this. Seriously I been thru so much with this shit behind closed doors y’all would never know, it’s brought more pain than joy I’m just so G that I make it look super easy but I fight these devils everyday.”

“What makes me also the [goat emoji] is not only have I made the best albums personally in the last decade but I also executive produced the best albums in the last decade and they all sounded diff and made every artist sound immaculate listen to them all again the beats are all NEXT LEVEL.”

Other obstacles Westside Gunn has encountered as a result of his commitment to his work and his resolve to fight for all artists to be granted artistic freedom were covered in his open letter to the fans, which he addressed in 20 consecutive tweets over the course of at least two hours.

Gunn explained that he had been advised to drop the idea after its sixth iteration out of concern for how it may affect his future career. He also acknowledged the controversy surrounding his Hitler Wears Hermes series.

“I was told I wouldn’t get any endorsements. I would never be nominated, I will only get so far if I kept it going but I knew my heart was pure and my life is ART and explained how I even thought ofthe [sic] name I chose my fate.”

“Ofcourse [sic] I would be 10x bigger if it wasn’t for that name, but again I knew my heart &I stuck to my script and did it my way, I can live with that decision many ppl would’ve folded & played the game.”

W.S.G. promised fans that some of his most eagerly anticipated projects, such as his cryptic MICHELLE RECORDS project, would be released before the end of 2023 before concluding the meeting. In addition, Gunn said he will keep curating events and acting as executive producer for others.

“YES ARMANI Dropping again, YES ROME dropping again, YES me and BOLDY gonna cook, YES ME and JAY WORTHY about to cook, NACKSAW JIM DUGGAN is halfway done, the ADOLF movie &Soundtrack &whatever else GOD wants me to do but I’m a go hard all year but after that I’m raising my babies.”

Westside Gunn announced planned projects by a number of the Griselda roster artists. Gunn also announced his first worldwide tour earlier this month, so fans will have plenty of chances to catch him live before he quits the rap industry.

Beginning on January 13 in Amsterdam, the first leg of the God Is Love Tour will take him to 12 European cities before wrapping up on February 10 in Lisbon. What’s your take on this announcement? For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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