Doja Cat has enjoyed mainstream success since the release of her debut album in 2018, which featured several hit songs. Her music is known for blending elements of hip-hop and electronic dance music, and she has also gained attention for her unique fashion sense and energetic performances. The Grammy-winning performer is now in the news due to an incident that occurred in one of her chat rooms.

Doja Cat recently reported that someone made a death threat against her, and she is taking the alleged incident seriously. As a result, a criminal investigation has been launched into the matter.

According to TMZ, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is looking into the matter after Doja called the police to report the threat. The incident reportedly took place in a private chat with some fans, where one man began behaving strangely and was eventually removed from the chat by Doja.

The man, who lives outside of California, allegedly returned to the chat and threatened to kill Doja, saying he would see her soon. The Los Angeles County Sheriff is now investigating the matter. No further information or comments have been released by Doja Cat or her camp.

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