Avril Lavigne is regarded as a pivotal figure in the evolution of pop-punk music. The majority of Avril’s music videos feature her with long hair. However she may have got bored with her long hair as her Instagram account posted a startling video recently.

The shocking new video was posted to Instagram on Tuesday. A fellow musician, Yungblud, can be seen in the video cutting off Avril’s famously long hair. Avril yelled as it was happening, leaving her stunned.

The 25-year old British musician whose real name is Dominic Harrison, gave the 38-year-old singer the chop while she sat down in a chair and yelled “NO!” and demanded alcohol. “I need a beer, I need a beer,” she said, looking concerned. 

Before she could say she was having second thoughts, Yungblud pulled out his scissors and quickly chopped off one-half of her hair. ‘I’m going to cut it into a bob for you,’ said Yungblud laughing as he snipped off the other side. Avril is thought to have hair extensions but the cut was still a drastic one and it’s thought the stunt was done for their new song, I’m A Mess, which Avril referenced in the caption.

Her fiancé, Mod Sun, real name Derek Smith, was a big fan of the new look. He wrote in the comments: “Haircut looks great! U did well @yungblud, new song maybe?” She replied: “I can’t believe we did this to my hair hahah.” Checkout the Video below.

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