The internet has recently been abuzz with a rumor surrounding rapper Latto. According to this rumor, fellow rapper Lil Wayne denied Latto when she requested to sample his song “Lollipop.”

Over the weekend, this rumor has been shared by many outlets, and has left several people conjecturing. However, Latto herself logged on to Twitter to clarify things.

POV: u don’t even have a song sampling lollipop

The tweet is clearly in response to the rumors, and Latto seems to be denying the rumor, claiming that she doesn’t even have a track that samples Lollipop to begin with.


As for the cause of the rumor, many have been theorizing that Lil Wayne may have denied Latto because oh her beef with Nicki Minaj. The two traded verbal jabs online recently, after Minaj’s “Super Freaky Girl” was moved from the rap category to pop on the 2023 Grammy ballet.

At the time Minaj had stated that if Latto’s “Big Energy” is considered rap, then her track should be as well, and this is what ultimately led to them beefing. Check out Latto’s tweet about the rumor below.

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