Sami Zayn has been part of the WWE family for well over 8 years now and has had several solid matches in that time period. His ability to master anything handed to him has helped him earned the trust of WWE.

The Bloodline has become the most dominant faction in the entire company. For a long time now, Sami Zayn is now on a mission to be part of The Bloodline as well. He is now considered an Honorary Uce by the faction.

Jey Uso was quite upset about that and continues to have a lot of trouble with Zayn. Despite this, Zayn has made it clear that he will remain a true part of the Bloodline.

For many fans, Sami Zayn’s current role has become the best thing about Friday Night Smackdown as well. While speaking on The Masked Man Show Daniel Cormier stated that Sami Zayn is doing the best work of his career.

“It felt like they were forcing [Roman] to get there until they allowed him to be who he is. I think Vince had this idea of who he wanted Roman Reigns to be and when he finally, finally, like, let go of that idea and said, ‘Go and be you,’ he’s become this … Jey Uso plays the jealous cousin better than anyone and it’s going to happen where they’re going to kick his ass. He’s going get out there for Sami Zayn, who’s doing some of the best work in his entire career. He’s hilarious.”

WWE could also have huge plans for Sami Zayn in the future. We will have to wait and see how his storyline will play out in the coming months.

What’s your take on how Sami Zayn has been doing? Sound off in the comments!

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