Kane is a WWE Hall of Famer who, thanks to his flexibility, has cemented a strong position in fans’ hearts. As a veteran of the WWE with an extensive understanding of the pro wrestling business, naturally there will be a lot of rumors about his legend.

Although Kane has had several distinct looks over his career, he has never gone completely green on television. It almost happened, and there are even pictures of Kane dressed entirely in green. Kane recently said on WWE The Bump that, to his knowledge, WWE never had any plans to create a “Green Kane.”

“There was never any green gear and there never will be green gear. Kane’s red and black all the way man, and ahh you know that was one thing that remained constant. I think that switching, switching that’s the one thing they can’t sing right, and mask no mask back to mask, mask had to be person composing different person but the thing that was only gathered was the color skin and ahh you know I think that, that would kind of undermine the character actually ahh you know so, that’s why I was deal.”

Although it was rumored that green clothing would have been associated with X-Pac, it never fully debuted. Sean Waltman would see why fans might have wanted to see Kane dressed in green in retrospect, but it wouldn’t have been healthy for his character.


Green Kane may come as a surprise to some. Let’s see what happens next and if even more fo the legend is ever unveiled. What are your thoughts on Green Kane? Let us know in the comments. Keep checking Thirsty for more updates.

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