Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian have parted ways recently. Things have been mutually set in stone about their relationship. Their good relationship after the breakup is evident after Pete checked in on Kim amid Kanye West’s drama.

Pete reportedly contacted the SKIMS founder to check on her. This comes after her ex-husband, Kanye West, tweeted anti-Semitic remarks and wore a “White Lives Matter” shirt. Kanye’s antics have always affected the people near him and this time Pete made sure to know how his ex-girlfriend took it.

“A lot of people have been reaching out to offer Kim support, including Pete. He’s in the middle of shooting another movie but he’s been in touch. He’s such a sweet guy and Kim’s grateful they can still be friends.”

According to a source for Hollywood Life, a lot of individuals have been reaching out to offer Kim support, including the SNL artist. The source confirmed that even weeks after their breakup, Pete and Kim still communicated occasionally. It demonstrates his continued concern for her as a person and his desire to find out how she was faring.


“Pete and Kim still talk on occasion and several weeks after the break up, they had gotten to a place of being cordial with each other. Pete has texted Kim a few times about the whole Kanye situation because he still cares about her as a person and wanted to check in to see how she was doing.”

It all started when Ye took the internet by storm after wearing a “White Lives Matters” shirt. In addition to uttering anti-Semitic remarks, West has drawn criticism for his remarks over the passing of George Floyd. He recently claimed on Drink Champs that fentanyl, not police officer Derek Chauvin, was to blame for his passing.

Kanye had a lot more to talk about during the podcast. He said North, his oldest daughter, misses the way things used to be. He moreover implied that he is aware that Drake, a former adversary, had slept with Kim’s mother Kris Jenner.

It’s great to see Pete check up on Kim amid the Ye controversy. It goes to show the bond they share as close companions even after the breakup.

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