The alleged dispute between Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber is insignificant now and has already passed. And it’s something Hailey has confirmed in an interview and she, recently, double-confirmed it with a photo.

At the Academy Museum Gala in Los Angeles on Saturday night, the two celebrities got together and posed for a picture taken by Tyrell Hampton, a professional BTS party photographer. In the midst of Oscar season, the celebrities were out in force and looked stunning.

Selena walked the red carpet in a suit, and Hailey did the same in a cropped dress. Both women looked great in their respective attires. They apparently bumped into each other either inside the museum at an after-party and got along well enough to take a photo together. Both of them leaned in close as Selena held Hailey’s leg. Tyrell referred to Hailey’s most recent meeting as a “plot twist” in his caption.

Hailey talked about the long-running rumor, fueled by fans, that she had taken Justin Bieber away from Selena, which she firmly denied. She claimed that while the relationship between Justin and Selena was still active, she respected it and didn’t interfere in any way.

Justin and Selena eventually broke up, and he started dating Hailey. She even claimed that she believes he needed closure from his past with Selena in order to formally move on.

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Smita Singha Roy

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