Kanye West ignited widespread outrage after he unveiled “White Lives Matter” shirts at his fashion show in Paris. He also continued his antics on social media by posting anti-Semitic rants, which resulted in him getting locked out of both his Instagram and Twitter accounts. Ye recently appeared for an interview and proclaimed Drake as “the greatest rapper ever”.

Ye appeared on the latest Drink Champs episode, where he stated that Drake is the ‘greatest rapper ever.” The rapper’s compliments come just a few days after he praised Drake for being on his side amid all the backlash he was facing.

Drake is the greatest rapper ever, and I don’t apologize about it.

Then he made an allusion to Drake hooking up with Kris Jenner, but he did not outright say it. That was certainly the vibe he gave off. Ye was asked about Drake sleeping with his “baby mother’s mother,” and the Donda rapper gave a “you know what it means,” response before saying that “Corey knows what it means.” We can only assume he was talking about Cory Booker.


Fans have believed Kanye and Drake weren’t on good terms, given their complicated history. Back in 2010, Drake took a shot at Ye in his song “Thank Me Now when he rapped, “Your idols become your rivals.” However, the way things are going between the two, their feud appears to be over.

As noted, earlier Kanye West announced that “Watch The Throne 2” is coming soon. The album was delayed in the past due to a falling-out between Kanye West and Jay-Z. Hopefully, the rapper returns to social media with more news regarding his upcoming albums.

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