Kanye West and Ray J have been dissing each other in a feud that has lasted for many years. However, it appears like everything is now good between them.

On October 12th, the “Let It Go” singer and the “Jesus Walks” rapper got together for the premiere of Candace Owens’ new documentary, The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM. They posed alongside one another on the red carpet and now, we know that they are prepared to leave their “rocky past” behind them. “There is a lot of history that goes back years and years between Ray J and Kanye, so it was a great feeling coming together to show support for a good cause,” a source exclusively informed Hollywood Life.

“Despite Ray J and Kanye‘s rocky past, the vibe truly felt like they had put that behind them to focus on the bigger picture here.”

Both Kanye and Ray were romantically linked to Kim Kardashian. They both have a history of dissing one another in songs, such as Ye’s “Highlights” and Ray J’s “I Hit It First,” but now that they’ve both moved on from the reality star, it seems they can find a point of agreement that will allow them to reconcile.


“After everything they’ve both experienced with Kim and her family, it was almost a situation where the enemy of your enemy is your friend. Ray feels like the only drama he ever had with Kanye involved the Kardashians, and he’d rather not argue with someone that have done them both wrong in his eyes. After everything that’s happened, Ray feels like it’s time to put the beef between him and Kanye in the past.

[The premiere] was all about love and positivity, and although Ray has no idea where things will go from here, it was good to see they could both be men and focus on the most important things which was Candace’s premiere.”

Ray J and Kanye definitely spoke with each other but there was absolutely no mention of Kim. They mingled throughout the night but there were no one on one serious conversations or anything. It was sort of like the elephant in the room but Ray didn’t feel it was appropriate when they were both there to support Candace.”

The news of their reunion comes after Ray J’s response to Kanye’s Instagram post on September 1. It contained harsh words directed at Kim’s mother, Kris Jenner, and at one point, Ray J accused Kris of wanting to “ruin” his family.

It turns out that prior to his reaction, Brandy’s brother had reportedly been desiring to make amends with Ye for some time, and Candace’s invitation to the documentary screening provided the ideal occasion for him to do so in person. Stay tuned to Thirsty for the latest updates.

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