Nicki Minaj put a lot of effort into being one of the best female rappers in the hip-hop industry. However, Minaj recently voiced her discontent with the Recording Academy for nominating her song “Super Freaky Girl” for the Grammy Awards in the pop category rather than the rap category.

On Thursday, Minaj took to Twitter to express her disappointment, writing, “I have no prob being moved out the RAP category as long as we r ALL being treated FAIRLY.” She continued, “If SFG (‘Super Freaky Girl’) has 2B moved out RAP then so does ‘Big Energy’!” referring to a song by Latto.

“ANY1 who says diff is simply a Nicki hater or a troll.”

The rapper went into greater detail about her emotions in a 17-minute Instagram video. “If you can’t tell by now that there is a concerted effort to give newer artists things that they really don’t deserve over people who have been deserving for many years, then you’re not paying attention,” she said.

“And by the way, this is not to say any song is bad or any female rapper is bad. I always say this: any rapper, female or male, that wins a Grammy, you should be f—king proud of yourself. But why is the goalpost only ever moved when it’s Nicki? Well, I’ll tell you why. They don’t want the people that they have in the industry to go up against me.”

The Pinkprint musician continued by saying that she had little chance of winning the pop category. “Now what do you think is gonna happen when they start voting on these pop categories?” the rapper said in the clip.

“And it’s a bunch of people, white or wherever they’re from, or older, and they have to decide between Nicki Minaj and Harry Styles, or Nicki Minaj and Adele? That’s purposely designed so Nicki is not in the (rap) category that we don’t want any competition in. Put her in there (in pop) so she has more competition and less of a chance to win.”

Latto, for her part, didn’t like how the “Bang Bang” rapper used her song to argue her point. Minaj posted a screenshot of an alleged direct message Latto sent her in a since-deleted tweet.

“I agree with you, however, because of where we left off [I don’t] think u need to bring my name/song up to prove your part.”

You can check out Latto’s tweets down below. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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