Lil Baby is a name that needs no introduction. The rap industry is aware of his contributions and his approach towards rap music. The rapper shared his thoughts honestly on any topic.

Lil Baby appeared on The Experience Podcast and shared his thoughts on the current state of the girls being showcased in rap videos by entertainers.

I don’t really know if it’s going out of style, but like, too much. Everybody got it. Regular girls, rich girls, broke girls. [It seems] played out.

When asked what type of a girl will he be willing to spend time with, the rapper said the thick woman. He didn’t oppose a skinny girl but he isn’t a fan of the Brazilian Butt Lifts, so he shared his thoughts accordingly.

Y’all used to say “Stay out of Womens Business” Lil Baby say BBL’s starting to get corny and everybody agrees 😂😂😂

According to Lil Baby, everyone wants to go under the knife to get those BBLs, but it doesn’t fit in with everyone. He suggests BBLs are getting to be a bit too much. The same is flaunted too much in rap videos.

Lil Baby continues to be clear on what he believes in, and while he may not have many takers he continues to share his thoughts on what he feels about an ongoing trend.

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Amit Shukla

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