Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson was one of the most passionate couples in the industry, but they broke up a few months back. Recently, Kim made a personal revelation that would be interesting to many. Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson had sex in front of the fireplace to honor his grandmother.

Kim Kardashian’s grandma, who is 88 years old, provides some of her sexual arousals. Kim made her discovery on their Hulu show, “The Kardashians,” when she told Mary Jo that she remembered a piece of advice she received from her grandmother: having intercourse in front of a fire may change your life.

Being a dutiful granddaughter, Kim tested MJ’s theory in front of the fireplace at the Bev Hills Hotel with her ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson. Mary Jo was concerned that they committed the crime in the foyer, where a fireplace is prominent, but KK reassured her that it was in a different room.

It’s noteworthy to note that when Kim stated she had a surprise for the family, both Kris and Khloe appeared concerned that she might be getting married too soon with Pete. That was not intended to happen because Kim and Pete are no longer together.


Sadly, the couple’s split in August shocked millions of followers. But let’s see how KK’s life develops now, as she listened to her grandma. Do you agree with grandma’s ideology? Let us know in the comments. Keep visiting Thirsty for new information.

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Muskan Sharma

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