Bossie Badazz knows how to grab the attention. You can rest assure that if he is in the conversation, then there will be a new take on things.

Bossie Badazz was on Drink Champs and had some words to share about how Social Media has changed everything. The rapper had some words to share about how things have changed since it came along.

Social media f*cked up everything. It made more avenues for money, but it f*cked up everything. Marriages. Everything. At first, your b*tch used to just see the n*ggas at work, you, and that’s it! And come home! That’s all she had to look at! Now, she got 30,000 n*ggas to look at.

Boosie agreed that it did create business opportunities and money, but it has also changed the way we used to look at things. According to Bossie Badazz, social media has destroyed marriages.

While his way of saying things may not resonate with people but it’s a given that he has a valuable point to make when it comes to marriage and other aspects of life including seeing people.

The way things were worded may also put a smile on your face, but it doesn’t change the fact that life has changed since the social media phenomenon came along in our lives.

What do you think of Bossie Badazz’s comments? Chime in.

Amit Shukla

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