In the sporting world, Tom Brady is a phenom who consistently draws millions of eyes. Fans must have seen that Brady and Cristiano Ronaldo get along, but this time Brady made headlines by criticizing Cristiano. In a FIFA World Cup commercial, Tom Brady disparaged himself and Cristiano Ronaldo in hilarious fashion.

Tom Brady’s appearance in a Fox Sports advertisement advertising the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar lasted just two seconds, but that was enough time for him to crack a funny joke about himself.

At the midway point of the one-minute commercial starring Jon Hamm as Santa Claus, the 45-year-old NFL player made an appearance. How come, Santa Claus? In order to avoid the extreme heat in Qatar, the World Cup is being held in the winter this year.

Hamm is perplexed that the biggest event on earth has been booked right in the thick of the holidays, but he and his army of aides, which includes Mariah Carey and Ellie Kemper, set to work assembling the biggest talents on the globe.


Brady commented on Cristiano Ronaldo, a 37-year-old soccer player, when got seen on television celebrating a score for team Portugal. “He’s getting kind of old, isn’t he?” Brady asked.

The joke also obviously made fun of Brady’s decision to play in his 23rd NFL season. In a Hertz advertisement, he said a similar self-deprecating quip.

During Carey’s brief visit, the World Cup commercial also featured another humorous incident. Hamm welcomed the World Cup taking place during the holidays, but he wondered if there should be a song to mark the occasion.

Mariah then made an appearance while getting dolled up and asked, “Um, do you have any idea how busy I am this time of year?” This is obviously a reference to the singer’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” song’s meteoric rise to fame throughout the holiday season.

Brady made a joke about himself in the cameo, but in real life, he is having serious marital problems with Gisele Bündchen. It is unknown when Brady shot the cameo. According to ET, Brady is struggling to deal with the possibility of losing his family.

“Tom isn’t taking things well. He wants to reconcile and was still holding out hope that they could work things out. He is extremely hurt and misses Gisele being by his side. He feels abandoned in a way. He loves his family, but also wants to continue his career. He feels like he is in a tough spot.” 

According to the insider, the supermodel is showing symptoms of dissolving her marriage because she has hired a divorce attorney. Even the mother of three has drifted away while still sporting her wedding band.

“Gisele has hired a divorce attorney to discuss her future plans. At this point, it’s more of her decision to move things forward in this direction. Things are a bit difficult, both personally within their family, and because they both have huge assets.” 

Ronaldo has not yet responded to Brady’s statement. Let’s see how he will react to it. What do you think about Brady’s assertion? Let us know in the comments. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates.

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