Update: MJF has since deleted his tweets, but we promise they were tweeted out, and you may read them below.

Original: Kanye West is usually a controversial figure in entertainment, but over the past 24 hours, he caused a firestorm with anti-Semitic comments about Jewish people. A top AEW star, who’s Jewish, gave his thoughts on the matter.

This Sunday, AEW star MJF went on the record on Twitter with his thoughts on Kanye’s insensitive stunt by calling out. He claims how little we as a society talk about antisemitism.

Kanye calling Jewish people horrifying doesn’t shock me.


What shocks me is how little we as a society talk about antisemitism.

To put things into perspective. Slavery was very recent and the plight of POC is still rampant.

End of slavery-1865 End of Holocaust-1945

People tweeting “this is out of character”

I don’t play a character. Never have. I’m a Jew. I’m angry, And you should be angry too.

MJF is sharing feelings that a lot of Jewish people are having about the comments Kanye made over the past day, and now Ye is paying the price currently. We as a culture should be more sensitive about Anti-Semitism, and MJF has no issue calling Ye out on it.

What do you think of MJF calling out Kanye over these disgusting comments? Sound off n the comments!

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