Kanye West is well-known for attacking others and then deleting his Instagram posts. He specifically targeted Adidas’ vice president and general manager Daniel Cherry, as well as Pete Davidson. According to Judge Mathis, Adidas should end its partnership with Kanye West as a result of the ‘White Lives Matter’ controversy.

TMZ reports Judge Mathis believes that Kanye West is making African-Americans appear terrible with his antics and, consequently, that Ye is making Adidas look bad as well. He completely supports their breakup. In Los Angeles, the TV magistrate attacked Kanye beyond the point of no return.

There, he expressed his opinion to the photographer regarding the shoe company’s consideration of its options with regard to its partnership with Ye. He thinks they probably have the legal right to throw him out. All of this is just speculation because nobody but Adidas and Kanye is aware of the specific details of whatever deal they have.

However, Mathis asserts that based on his experience, there is likely a morality clause that allows the 3-strip executives to opt-out. According to Judge, the majority of these agreements contain language stating that the person (in this case, Kanye) cannot harm the reputation of the company or act in a manner at odds with their principles or mission statement. These provisions are frequently left indefinite to give the parties cover.

Mathis claims Ye has inflamed the Black community and emboldened racists. In order to avoid patronizing companies with ties to Ye, he has drawn a line in the sand. Mathis believes that customers and businesses should keep their distance before it’s too late.

Given how frequently Kanye disparaged Adidas on social media, Mathis’ belief that he has crossed the line more than enough times for Adidas to terminate their agreement is actually accurate. Let’s see if Mathis ends up on Kanye’s Instagram as well. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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