Young Thug has probably been spending an increasing amount of time preparing for his upcoming trial in January 2023 related to the 56-count YSL gang charge. There’s no disputing that Young Thug, Gunna, and the other YSL members who are now detained are ready to learn their fate in their upcoming January RICO trial with only three months remaining in 2022.

Young Thug and his legal team have asked a judge to hide any evidence that may have been found during an involuntary interrogation of the 31-year-previously old’s seized electronics. According to a recent AllHipHop report, lawyer Brian Steel has created a number of questions for possible jurors in the case in an effort to better understand how they feel about rappers.

One question asked: “Some people believe that artists who perform rap music, including ‘gangsta rap,’ may commit crimes or violent acts to enhance their image or promote their career. What do you think?”

Others pondered: “Do you associate Hip Hop artists/rappers with criminal behaviour or believe they break the law more than average citizens?” and “Do you believe rap lyrics are usually autobiographical (the songwriter is telling stories about his/her real life)?”


One section inquired: “Have you known anyone who has been murdered or died as a result of a crime?”

“Do you have any specialized training or education about criminal street gangs, including how they operate and how people join, are recruited, or are pressured or threatened to join?” and “Would the fact that a defendant or witness has extensive tattoos, including on the face, cause you to reject or disbelieve that person?”

Aside from being questioned about whether they had ever committed a crime or been arrested, prospective jurors were also questioned about their own prior experiences with it. In addition, the questionnaire covered gang affiliation and tattoos.

Due to the high-profile nature of the upcoming trial, Thug’s legal team had some inquiries for potential jurors regarding what they have been reading or hearing in the media. Check out the videos below.

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