Paris Hilton hasn’t had the same type of days over the last three weeks. She missed out on her Chihuahua who is not with her at this time. She believes that her Chihuahua is safe.

According to TMZ, She spoke to some credible mediums and pet communicators who say that her pet is safe. Paris called her Chihuahua Diamond Baby and she believes that her baby would be back home soon.

It’s interesting to know that she even has an email address for people to provide some information on her Diamond Baby.

She raised the reward too so that people could come forward and share their inputs on Paris Hilton’s Diamond Baby. While there is no information on whether there’s input on the Chihuahua or not, Paris believes she is safe.


Pets have an interesting way of connecting with us. It’s one of the reasons why Paris feels connected to her Chihuahua and wants to see it again so that she can be happier as before.

Do you have any input on her Chihuahua? Sound off in the comments.

Amit Shukla

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