Antonio Brown is not currently playing for a team and hence, the majority of people assume he has given up playing professional football. Brown is trying to get deeper into the music and entertainment game. Antonio Brown appears to have exposed himself to a woman in Dubai.

The New York Post recently obtained a video from The Armani Hotel Dubai. The video shows Brown getting physical with a fellow swimmer in the pool. In the video, AB twice thrusts his bare ass in the face of a woman.

The incident is made even more upsetting by the fact that he appears to be entirely naked in the water. Brown is making fun of the woman, even lifting and dunking her. When she finally swims away, Brown raises his penis out of the water to flash her while other guys off-camera encourage him.

According to witnesses cited by The Post, the woman was furious after this and even walked inside to protest about him. It’s unclear what, if anything, resulted from this. In any case, AB is the target of a lot of online criticism at the moment.

Brown is an unsigned free agent. He won’t be playing football this season, at least not right away. He abruptly ended his last season of play with TB and the Bucs. Check out the posts below.

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Gunjan Nath

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