Young Rock is one of NBC’s most popular series. The show follows Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson from his youth through his ascent to stardom as well as his relationship with his family. The WWE Superstar recently revisited the trailer park he spent some of his teenage years at.

The Rock paid a visit to the Lakeview Trailer Park with the iconic Bruno Lauer, also known to wrestling fans as Downtown Bruno. The Lakeview owner shared pictures from The Rock’s visit to Facebook noting that they spent 30 minutes at the part.

The Rock was also joined by a film crew to document his childhood home. Then on the ‘Young Rock’ set the production team celebrated Lauer. In an Instagram post, Johnson shared a small clip of him introducing his old friend to his team.

Johnson also remarked on the role Lauer played in his life, first when he was 14 and then again when he was 24. The Rock was broke both times Lauer took him in. He stated that many of the ‘Young Rock’ stories revolve around his and Lauer’s relationship.


Man it felt good giving flowers to an old friend 💐Introducing our YOUNG ROCK crew to Downtown Bruno.

This man took me in TWICE when I was broke as hell at 15yrs old and again at 24yrs old. Many of our YOUNG ROCK stories revolve around me and Bruno’s relationship and the wild shit we went thru back then 💀😈

As you can see, he’s as kind, funny and REAL as it gets.

Enjoy your flowers brother and enjoy being celebrated on YOUR SET of YOUNG ROCK. “Like momma says, it just be’s that way sometimes”

Young Rock Season 3 premieres on NBC on Friday, November 4th. The popular series will compete with SmackDown, Fox’s major WWE programme. The show recently cast an actor in the role of Attitude Era star Brian Christopher as well. A while ago, the Rock also paid tribute to his grandma on the set.

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