Kylie Jenner’s life is riddled with mystery, especially when it comes to the name of her son. Kylie Cosmetics founder announced earlier this year that she had changed her baby boy’s name after writing “Wolf Webster” on his birth certificate. On the September 29 episode of The Kardashians, Kylie Jenner explained why she named her son Wolf Webster at first, but then changed her mind.

On the September 29th episode of The Kardashians, Kylie cleared the air on naming her 7-month-old son Wolf, revealing that it was her sister Khloe Kardashian who first suggested the name. While speaking with her mother, Kris Jenner, the reality star intimated that she and Travis “think we know his official name,” but are hesitant to tell others “because god forbid we change it again.”

We really didn’t have a name. I just thought it was gonna just come to us when we saw him. And it didn’t.

According to the Life of Kylie alum, she had to submit a birth certificate within a particular amount of time after her son’s birth, so she “felt the pressure” to name him even though she wasn’t totally certain of his name. Kylie chose the name Wolf after hearing Khloe suggest it because she liked the alliterative initials with Travis’ surname (he was born Jacques Webster II). “So, we just put Wolf Webster in that moment,” Kylie recalled.


Right after I signed the birth certificate, I was like, ‘What did I just do?’

While Kylie acknowledges that her son’s name issue is now “part of his story,” she also said in a separate confessional that the newborn’s name “hasn’t been changed legally yet” because “Travis actually still changes his name a few times.”

He’ll come back and be like, ‘I really like this name.’ And then for the day he’ll call him that. And I’m like, ‘We can’t do this again.’

Instead of naming their son differently every day, Kylie quipped that she’s “waiting for him to just name himself” before changing his birth certificate. Let’s see what Kylie and the world eventually call him. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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