Hurricane Ian has turned out to be one of the worst storms in years. It made landfall yesterday as a Category 4 storm, and Florida residents have been struggling to do their best in the face of this adversity.

Carole Baskin’s sanctuary, “Big Cat Rescue,” also happens to be located near Tampa, Florida, and will be affected by the storm. Since most shelters are unlikely to take in tigers or jaguars, Baskin and her big cats have to hold base in the sanctuary itself.

Baskin revealed to TMZ that her 21 bobcats, 8 tigers, 6 servals, jaguar and leopard, amongst others, are going to ride out the storm in the sanctuary itself. Smaller animals, such as chickens, have been moved to a different sanctuary for the time being.

Baskin and her husband have been working with volunteers for a week in order to ready the sanctuary for the storm. Baskin reports that they have built structures, chopped down risky branches, and loaded sandbags throughout the sanctuary.

People have also donated supplies to the sanctuary, including equipment, and Baskin has been able to procure generators and fuel as well. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the storm.

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Abhishek Kar

Abhishek Kar is a freelance writer and a full-time pop culture enthusiast from India. In his spare time, he likes to paint.

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