Very few professional wrestlers have transitioned into a successful acting career the way the Rock has. Today, The Rock is easily one of the biggest names in Hollywood, and with good reason.

The Rock has definitely set an incredible precedent, and it seems that other wrestlers are keen to follow his example. One of them, who recently revealed his acting aspirations, is none other than Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

MJF recently appeared on KFC Radio for an interview, wherein he revealed that he sees himself acting in the future, citing the examples of other wrestlers who have transitioned to acting, such as “Cena, Batista, and Rock.”

There are definitely a lot of feelers out there. I’ll actually be heading out to LA [Los Angeles] literally after Dynamite for a lot of meetings. There are definitely a lot of people interested in MJF.

MJF also expressed great confidence in his ability to become a successful actor, claiming that “it’s pretty obvious that [he has] something that [they] call in the industry, ‘it.'”

Whether MJF truly possesses this “it” factor or not, is yet to be seen. However, we might not have to wait too long to find out, as he has already been having meetings in Los Angeles towards that end. Check out the interview below.

Do you think MJF is going to be the next big thing in Hollywood? Let us know in the comments!

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Abhishek Kar

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