Dana White is a protagonist who is greatly admired for his kind demeanor toward others. Most of his admirers praise his character, and many look to him as their inspiration. Fans will be astonished to know that Dana White recently gave a $10,000 donation to a Muay Thai fighter who tragically lost both of his legs.

TMZ Sports reports that Dana White opened his pocket and gave $10,000 after being moved by the tale of a Muay Thai fighter striving to return to the ring after losing both of his legs in a terrible workplace accident last year.

John Esposito is a fighter, and back in December 2021, while performing his duties as a road worker, his life underwent a drastic turn. Esposito claimed that as he was patching potholes alongside a road, a motorist raced up and struck him from behind, pinning him against a trailer. The 30-year-old said that his legs were amputated “happened on the spot.”

“Halfway through the flight on the medivac, I flatlined. They were able to resuscitate me, though, and bring me back to life.”


John, who had a history of fighting before the accident, has been working relentlessly over the past nine months to get back in the ring, punching mitts from a wheelchair while he got used to moving about with prostheses.

Liam Tarrant, the founder and president of The Muay Thai Project, and friends Chris and Sarah Romulo launched a GoFundMe to support Esposito on his road to recovery after learning about his struggle. After Tarrant discussed the situation on UFC fighter Angela Hill’s “Ceremonial Weigh-In” podcast, White decided to donate $10,000 to the cause.

Tarrant informs that GoFundMe has already surpassed its initial goal and is getting close to $30,000 thanks to White’s kindness and other donors. According to Tarrant, the money would ultimately be used to pay Esposito’s recovery-related expenses “in the coming months & years.”

“Fighting is the loneliest sport in the world, but we’re letting our brother know that he isn’t alone on his journey. We’re all in his corner.”

Over the past few months, John has experienced a lot, notably grieving for the ring. The player will hopefully soon be able to stand up on his feet. Thirsty sends him best wishes for a quick recovery. What do you think of Dana’s good deed, though? Keep checking Thirsty for more updates.

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