Dexter fans were skeptical when it was announced that the show would return for one more season. Dexter: New Blood aired its finale in January, 2022. The showrunners believed the series revival would make people’s brains explode. Now, the President of Showtime Network provided another interesting update regarding the show’s future.

In order to give Hall’s character a more fitting finish than the critically panned original series finale, New Blood’s final episode gave viewers an unexpected and divisive climax. Dexter becomes increasingly concerned that his estranged son Harrison shares his homicidal tendencies throughout the revival season. In order to make up for his shortcomings as a father, Dexter ultimately forced his son to shoot him.

While this would seem like a natural conclusion for the franchise, earlier this year Paramount executive David Nivens hinted that more Dexter could still be on the way. However, if the latest comments by Showtime Networks President Gary Levine are any measure, concrete plans to continue the Dexter franchise are still yet to materialize.

In a response to being asked by TVLine whether fans could expect more Dexter: New Blood, Levine suggests that “it’s too soon to say”. He added, “In a response to being asked by TVLine whether fans could expect more Dexter: New Blood, Levine suggests that “it’s too soon to say”. Check out his response below.” While Levine’s comments may squash fan hopes for a quick return to the world of Dexter, they do not entirely discount the possibility of the franchise continuing.

Even though the series finale revealed that Hall’s Dexter Morgan would ultimately perish at the hands of his own son, it also hinted that Jack Alcott’s Harrison would potentially get his own dark side-project. Alcott has already expressed excitement about the prospect of playing the same character again. Stay tuned to Thirsty for further updates.

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