Ryan Grantham landed himself in a sea of trouble. He has been sentenced to life in prison for fatally shooting his mother in their home in Canada. The actor is now scared of being manhandled in prison.

Grantham was sentenced on Wednesday after entering a guilty plea to second-degree murder earlier this year. It automatically results in a life sentence. However, given that he is a small man, his attorney finds it seriously disturbing.

At the prison, Ryan is in danger of suffering abuse or worse due to his timid body. According to his attorney, Chris Johnson, having to serve his sentence in a facility with maximum security would be dreadful.

Grantham is described as having a short size and a thin physique by Johnson to TMZ. He only stands 5’2″ and weighs around 100 lbs. Despite being 24 years old, the man is said to have the appearance of a teenager and resembles the feeble characters he has played in television shows and films.


The possibility of Johnson’s client being “physically, psychologically, and sexually intimidated” worries him. Grantham, in his opinion, doesn’t belong there. But it’s not simply due to his appearance; in his opinion, the context of the sentence doesn’t fit this particular offense under these exact circumstances.

According to Johnson, prison officials should take into account his age, size, and mental state at the time of this story. The decision as to where he is sent rests solely with the correctional staff and not the Judge. We’ll have to wait and see Ryan’s final destination.

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