Luke Hawx is a busy man. He is a professional wrestler who is bald and can take up any gig to put the element of surprise in the performance that he delivers on screen.

In his recent tweet, it looks like he is going through with the look of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and can play the role of The Texas Rattlesnake to perfection. Naturally, these shots drew a lot of attention.

Young Rock focuses on a plethora of situations revolving around The Rock’s career. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was an integral part of The Rock’s WWE storyline, and so it seems fit if that is displayed in the upcoming series.

The series apparently includes the Austin 3:16 King of the Ring moment, and there are so many important characters who play an important role in the journey of The Rock and Young Rock as well. While not all have been shown, some prominent ones are bound to get featured.


Whether Luke delivers promos as The Toughest SOB or not is a question that people will get answers to when the show’s episode is released. The big question is whether Luke Hawx will deliver according to the requirements or not.

What do you think of Luke Hawx’s role? Sound off in the comments.

Amit Shukla

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