Triple H changed the wrestling landscape when he took charge of WWE Creative on July 25, 2022. The current creative head is always vocal about things that impress him the most.

In a recent interview with LAD Bible TV, Triple H talked about how Bad Bunny worked every day before his WrestleMania 37 performance. He also talked about how the Artist of the Year at MTV’s VMA was open for a return and has discussed it.

The Game talked about Logan Paul and how he performed the frog splash. Logan Paul’s SummerSlam performance and Bad Bunny’s WrestleMania 37 performance were loved by fans.

If you said to me ‘Hey, there’s this guy Logan Paul, he wants to get involved in the wrestling business, he wants to get involved in WWE, and he comes in, and he’s got an attitude, and he doesn’t wanna get hurt, and he doesn’t wanna take bumps, and he wants it to be special and all about him…’ I’m not doing that. When somebody comes in that loves it, that is passionate about it, that trains their ass off for it…You don’t do what he did in the events that he’s worked for us, you don’t do what he’s done at WrestleMania without a lot of hard work and without a lot of effort.

Same thing with Bad Bunny, this guy just [won] artist of the year at the video music awards, he’s arguably the biggest musical attraction on the planet, and he’s like ‘Hey, when can I get in the ring for you guys again?’. When I tell you that he was gonna do the stuff for us with Miz and all of that at WrestleMania and have that moment… I was very honest with him, I was like ‘you’re gonna have to work really hard at this’. He went and got a house in Orlando, just down the road, and he showed up every day at that performance center every day. He got in that ring every single day, getting his ass kicked.

It’s clear that they put in the effort, and Hunter knows how to give the person their due credit. He praised Bad Bunny for his work ethic and Logan Paul for his commitment to the craft.

Logan Paul faces Roman Reigns at WWE’s Crown Jewel Event in Saudi Arabia on the 5th of November. It should be an interesting bout, and one would have to see if Roman Reigns loses his titles or if he will fall in line.

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Amit Shukla

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