Nyjah Huston has been notorious for being violent while interacting with people. His reputation has once again been tainted after taking part in an act of violence. This time, his victim made sure to sue him.

Nyjah Huston is being sued for an altercation in Los Angeles earlier this summer. The victim, Alexander Pou says the 27-year-old X Games athlete beat him up during the back and forth. He mentioned that the incident happened back on June 6, after Huston and a friend went to Pou’s house to retrieve an item they had left the night before.

In the lawsuit obtained by TMZ Sports, Pou claims he sought to assist Huston in locating the object. After a fruitless search, the skateboarder “got very aggressive.” Huston allegedly started hitting Pou “suddenly and without warning” after that, inflicting injuries.

Pou filed the lawsuit Wednesday. He says Huston got in his friend’s car to leave the scene. However, the friend tried to run him over all while Huston “continued to verbally assault” Pou.

Pou is claiming an unspecified amount in damages. However, this is not the first time Huston has been the target of a lawsuit that claimed he used force on a person. In 2017, a man alleged that during a brawl at a house party, the skater smashed his nose.

Despite his being a great skater, his talents wouldn’t make up for his behavior. He’s won 12 X Games gold medals but that won’t help his case this time.

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