The Chicago Bulls and Lonzo Ball were a match made in basketball heaven last season. The Bulls enjoyed a fantastic start to the season with DeMar DeRozan and Zack LaVine on the roster. Sadly, Lonzo eventually suffered a knee injury that required surgery, which changed the course of events.

Lonzo Ball’s recuperation hasn’t gone as expected. Since then, there have been various reports regarding Lonzo’s health and the failure of his rehabilitation efforts. Ball’s knee isn’t healing quickly enough, and there has been worry that the Bulls and Ball would need more surgery before the season begins.

Those worries have now come true when Bleacher Report announced that Lonzo will require a second operation for his damaged knee. The fact that Lonzo must now sit out an additional four to six weeks is particularly awful news for the Bulls. After that, doctors will reassess him, however, it is unknown if he will be prepared.

Bulls announce Lonzo Ball will undergo surgery on his left knee and will be re-evaluated in four to six weeks


Ball hasn’t been able to gear up for the team in a very long time, so he needs to ease back onto the court to avoid reinjuring himself. Stay tuned to Thirsty to get the latest updates on Ball’s recovery. Check out the tweet below.

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