Pete Davidson is known for a lot of things, but fashion icon is not one of them. The former SNL star showed up to another red carpet, and he looked about as you’d expect him to.

Skete drew attention for his look at the Meet Cute premiere. He rocked a large white hoodie and seemed like he was dressing more for bowling than a big Hollywood event.

Co-star Kaley Cuoco couldn’t resist throwing a little fun shade at the Saturday Night Live alum about his ensemble at the Peacock film’s premiere on Tuesday.

“I’m glad Pete dressed up for the occasion. I am so glad,” Cuoco jokingly told Entertainment Tonight, before directing the same line directly at her cast mate.

Cuoco, who is 36 and seemingly has it all together, looked great in a glittering Dolce & Gabbana blazer dress on the red carpet. The 28-year-old Davidson looked a bit different with his outfit. The sneakers, green sweatpants, and white hoodie really pulled everything together.

We’ll have to see if Pete Davidson changed his wardrobe, but it’s not likely at this juncture.

What’s your take on Skete? Sound off in the comments!

Aaron Varble

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