Jam Master Jay was killed almost two decades ago. His alleged killers are still trying to get rid of the murder charges. However, a federal judge recently squashed their efforts.

According to VladTV, Karl Jordan Jr. and Ronald Tinard Washington are accused of killing Jam Master Jay, real name Jason Mizell. The attorneys for the two recently filed a motion to dismiss the charges.

They argued that prosecutors waited for 12 years to bring forth the charges, which heavily harmed the defense. The filing also demanded the two alleged killers be granted separate trials.

Federal judge LaShaan DeArcy Hall didn’t dismiss the murder charges. However, Karl Jordan Jr.’s drug charge for conspiracy to sell cocaine was dropped. The judge denied the motion to dismiss in a 17-page long document.


The Indictment is devoid of any facts underlying the charges, let alone any allegations connecting the 2002 murder with the 2016 conspiracy. And, differences between the alleged conspiracies are apparent.

Jordan and Washington stand accused of the killing of Jam Master Jay. They allegedly entered his recording studio and murdered the rapper execution-style while many witnesses were present. The trial for them is temporarily scheduled for February 2023.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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