Kanye West has established himself as a true genius for many fans when it comes to being a businessman as well as an artist. It is hard to argue with that fact because West has proven many times why he is so successful.

According to sources speaking with Billboard, Kanye West has been quietly and sporadically selling his publishing library. It’s a resource that brings in around $5 million a year for the hip-hop artist. According to these reports, representatives for West have visited with a select group of potential buyers over the past ten months to determine the potential value of his song catalog.

As far as Billboard’s reporting is concerned, the catalog has not been given a price tag. However, those who have been asked about it are aware that the superstar is asking for an outrageous valuation. It’s up to 35 times the net publisher’s share or gross profit.

Sources claim that in addition to getting the chance to sign a long-term publishing contract with the multi-platinum artist, the buyer would be persuaded to pay that much, which is a multiple above the upper end of the existing catalog valuation cost. According to Billboard, the songs in West’s library bring in more than $13.25 million in publishing royalties each year.

It’s challenging to estimate his part of the publishing revenue, though, given tracks from his later albums can have anywhere between 10 and 24 songwriters listed for each song. Billboard estimates that West contributed 35% of the songwriting to his first four albums when looking at the discography as a whole, but that he only contributed 20% to his latter albums. According to sources, West’s annual portion is $5 million.

A 35 times multiple yields a $175 million valuation for $5 million in yearly income. Even the most high-profile deals have rarely if ever, approached the 30-times multiple that the majority of superstar songwriters now frequently want. Prospective customers face many obstacles when using West’s catalog. Billboard reached out to the West management camp and to Sony Music Publishing, but neither responded to a request for comment.

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