Love is the core of any relationship, but sometimes relationships end poorly. It looks like Tyrese Gibson and Samantha’s love was over in 2020, but things haven’t stopped between the two. Now, the former continues to share his side of the story on Instagram.

Gibson’s actions have caused him trouble, as Samantha’s attorneys have served him a cease and desist order. It’s an order to keep those bothering people the wrong way away.

Tyrese may be wondering what got him in this situation. It’s his continuous rant about his ex-partner on social media that has got him this legal document that restricts him from any such action.

The film star’s rants have been taken as a negative way to talk about someone. He is not holding back from taking shots at his ex-wife and said that she is dating someone bigger in the entertainment industry,


We have no answer as to who his wife is dating, and Tyrese himself hasn’t provided any update on whom that person could possibly be. It’s these guessing games that have got him into trouble.

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Amit Shukla

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