Paige Spiranac has a big follower base of 3.6 million on Instagram as the golfer has the skills that make her one of the best to be a part of the business. She keeps posting about golf on her Instagram account.

S[oramac posted a video on Wednesday showing her hitting a golf ball while wearing a tight, pink one-piece outfit. TMZ reports the post received fat shaming comments, which the golfer had to delete to restore order.

Fans trolled the expert golfer over her fit body and fat shamed her. Paige was taken aback by the situation and said that she didn’t want to delete comments, as she never does it, but she didn’t have a choice this time.

She said that she has to work hard with her fitness and diet to keep her body in shape year after year. The 29-year-old pro-golfer-turned-influencer had to do the unthinkable due to the fan’s approach.


It’s a serious issue faced by all people who have made a name for themselves, as they get heavily trolled for anything that they post online. It has happened in the past with other celebrities too.

What do you have to say about the trolls and the hateful comments? Chime in.

Amit Shukla

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