Ice-T has tried his hand at a lot of crafts, including the likes of music, films, and much more. He has been in the game long enough to identify the reason why certain scenes in hip-hop are the way they are. This time, Ice has made an effort to explain why LA rappers don’t wear much jewelry.

Rappers coming to Los Angeles should be aware that this is not the city to flash your bling, advises Ice-T. Following PnB Rock’s passing on Monday, the rapper took to Twitter on Wednesday to respond to all of the gang-related questions he had been receiving. The rap veteran then gave an explanation for why Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and other Los Angeles rappers don’t wear a lot of jewelry in a Twitter post.

“People are still hitting me up about my comments about LA Gang culture. If you NOTICE, LA rappers don’t wear a lotta Jewelry… Me, Snoop, Cube, Dre, Game, Kendrick. The list goes on. It’s not cause we’re broke. LA is just a Dangerous place, rapper or not. Why test the streets.”

Several admirers who read Ice’s tweet disagreed with his statement, reported XXLMag. Someone shared an old image of The Game with what looked to be two enormous gold chains. “Really?” reads the caption. ” Acting like we ain’t never seen a death row records chain.” someone else retorted.


Ice-T tried to justify his remarks about the gang culture in LA to the people who questioned his statements online. To which, Ice responded, “Yep, And PAC’s death was connected to the snatching of one of those chains.” Later on, he felt frustrated with all the explaining he had to do and wanted to be done with this conversation.

This all comes after the sad demise of rapper PnB Rock in a brutal robbery. The gunman who killed PnB at a Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles restaurant demanded jewelry and other valuables. Upon resisting, the assailant got into a struggle with the rapper and opened fire which led to his death eventually.

Looks like Ice-T has made a very vivid and clear explanation as to why rappers stay low-key in LA. He always addresses the gang violence in the region and rappers and non-rappers alike are seemingly afraid to show off their million dollars worth of jewelry.

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