Twitter claimed on Tuesday that a special shareholders meeting had approved Musk’s offer to purchase the social media network for $44 billion, even though he tried to break the contract. Musk is now claiming that the platform is suppressing his tweets.

The majority of the votes were cast online during the brief shareholder meeting, and the results were announced during that time. A trial has been scheduled for October after Twitter sued Musk to complete the deal.

Musk took to Twitter on Tuesday to claim that his tweets were being suppressed. He also replied to the tweet, tagging the company’s CEO and official accounts to fix this issue.

My tweets are being suppressed!


The vote followed a Twitter whistleblower‘s Senate hearing on Tuesday morning, who alleged the company’s negligence to protect sensitive data causes “real harm to real people.” Musk hinted that he would be watching the hearing by tweeting a popcorn emoji earlier on Tuesday.

Elon Musk and Twitter are currently involved in a legal dispute over the takeover deal. Back in July, Musk declared that he would break the contract and claimed that Twitter had misled him about the frequency of spam accounts and automated accounts on the social media site. Keep checking back with Thirsty for more.

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