Jack Harlow may be well-known in hip-hop circles, but he doesn’t appear to have the same clout among football fans. It’s clear from his now-viral ESPN appearance. The rapper appeared as a special guest on “College GameDay” on Saturday.

Analysts and pundits usually talk shop about all the games taking place that day, who they think will win, and so on. Jack was also on the College GameDay panel as well. Jack was at Ohio State’s game against Notre Dame today, and as he was introduced on a tiny stage surrounded by students, that is when things fell flat.

Harlow performed his song “First Class” for the crowd. However, it became clear from the video that they were simply not interested. Some at the front were a bit excited, but the majority of the crowd was just gazing.

Jack really seemed to sense the lack of enthusiasm as well. He appeared to also throw his hands up at one point. Still, ever the professional Jack powered through, and word has it he completed nearly the entire song, which is also being mocked right now.


Jack’s genuine football IQ was on exhibit during his sit-down segment of the broadcast, and he left ‘CGD’ viewers less than impressed but undoubtedly entertained. When asked who he preferred between the Cincinnati Bearcats and the Arkansas Razorbacks, both of whom play today, he cited a girl he once hollered at.

The fact that no one at ESPN thought to simply pull the plug and move on. The jokes are going in all directions about this. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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Shivangini Rawat

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