Chris Rock has been all over the news this year after he was slapped by Will Smith during the Oscars ceremony. Chris is now facing criticism for making a joke about the horrific murder of Nicole Brown Simpson.

The comedian, during a stand-up performance in Phoenix on Sunday, revealed that he was offered to host the Oscars next year after Will Smith infamously slapped him at the 2022 ceremony. Rock then made a joke about not returning to the Academy Awards because doing so would be like telling Simpson “to go back to the restaurant” where she, unfortunately, left her glasses before she was murdered, according to the Arizona Republic.

Social media users criticized Rock for equating the two incidents. Some even said that perhaps he deserved to get slapped by Smith as he made a “G.I. Jane” joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s baldness. 

One tweet even received more than 14,000 “likes,” which read, “The more Chris Rock talks, the more you begin to see why Will Smith smacked fire outta him.” While another user sarcastically wrote, “Yeah Chris Rock – you getting slapped for talking sh*t and Nicole Brown Simpson’s brutal murder are totally comparable events. great analogy. you totally care about violence against women. fully clear to us now.”

Gregory Anderson, a photojournalist, concurred and said that Fred Goldman, the father of Ron Goldman, who died along with Nicole, should have the “honor” of slapping him for the poor joke. “Comparing what happened to him to what happened to Nicole Brown Simpson is truly tasteless and not at all funny,” he added.

Simpson was fatally stabbed in 1994, and O.J. Simpson, her ex-husband, was charged with killing in one of the most well-known cases in history. Although he was found not guilty, the judgment was controversial.

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Smita Singha Roy

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